Giusy Pirrotta



My practice comprises the use of different media such as film, video, ceramic, photography and print on different materials. It is finalised to the making of site-specific environments which focus on the study of light, the multidisciplinary use of moving image, its interaction with sculptural elements and different light sources. The observation of the space of moving image between the cinema and the gallery, the use of light as a material and the re-interpretation of the 'grammar' related to the projection process, contribute to encompass the focus related to the use of a specific medium or language, broadening the work to infinite solutions offered by the interaction between art, design and architecture

My research is strictly related to the analysis of the nature of moving image and its ephemeral status as light projected in relation to optical perception mechanisms and different display contexts. I focus my interest on the consistency of light and its sculptural quality against the paradox of its ephemerality. This relationship is determined by its interaction with architectural space as well as its dependency on the equipment used from production to fruition.

My inquiry examines the limit of the frame and how light can interfere between the representational frame, within which images are contained, and our frame of vision. How can the act of perceiving constitute the work exhibited? Is light a medium able to break the frame of visual perception?
My intent is to shape light in order to create a tactile experience of an evanescent phenomenon through the interaction of the projected image/light with sculpture and architectural space. My interventions aim to question the condition of seeing, pointing out the ambiguity between the architecture of moving image, the relationship with the physical installation space and the viewer experience.


Ongoing - PHD in Moving Image Studies at UCA, University for the Creative Arts, Farnham
Master in Fine Art, Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design, London
Teaching Qualification in Art & Design, Academy of fine art Florence, Italy
BA in Fine art, Academy of fine art Florence, Italy


2013 Combat Prize, winner video category Giovanni Fattori Museum, Livorno
2012 Red Mansion Art Prize, winner, Red Mansion Art Foundation, London, Residency in Beijing promoted by Red mansion art Foundation after a selection at CSM 2010/2011
2011 Nova Award, Cross Over, Lethaby Gallery, London, curated by Lisa Painting, best work produced for Master Fine art 2010/2011
2008 Real Presence 2008, residency award, Belgrade, exhibition at MKM - Magacin/Militar Museum-Kazamati/ Galleria 063 - Castello di Rivoli Turin - curated by Biljana Tomic e Dobrila Denegri nKA / ICA - Belgrade
2006 La fotografia come arte, l'arte come fotografia (The photography as art, art as photography), residency award, Daniel Spoerri Foundation, Grosseto, Italy, Curated by Fiammetta Strigoli,Cassero Senese, Grosseto


2017 Seamlessness, Galleria Massimo de Luca, curated by Elana Forin, Venice
2017 Between the Glimpse and the Gaze, James Hockey Gallery, curated by Richard Hylton University Cultural Program, UCA Farnham
2014 Long time ago when the earth was flat, Galleria Massimo de Luca, curated by Alice Ginaldi, Venice
The quality of Scale, Murata Centoventidue Contemporary Art, curated by Angela Gonnella, Bari


ARTVERONA/7 Galleria Massimo de Luca, Mezione speciale stand
Why Analogue? Screening of 16mm film at UCA Cinema, UCA Farnham, curated by Giusy Pirrotta and Richard Hylton
BOCCIONI 100 MODERNOLATRIA | BOCCIONI in the BOCS , Curated by Valentina Tebala, Gemma Anaïs Principe, Melissa Acquesta, Galleria Nazionale di Cosenza – Palazzo Arnone
2016 Immateriality: Possibilities and Experiences, UCA Research Student Exhibition, Herbert Read Gallery,Canterbury
SUBSTANCE RIFT, House of Vans Gallery, curated by Gala Bell, London
2015 Praestigium Contemporary Artist from Italy, Imago Mundi Luciano Benetton Project, curated by Luca Beatrice, Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin
Analogica# 5, Special screening programme, Resistenza Analogica, Bolzano
2014 15° Premio Cairo Editore, shortlisted, Museo della Permanente Milan
Analog Recurring Double Vision, Lo & Behold Gallery, curated by Bea Haut, London
2013 Lumen, Mars, curated by Lorenza Boisi, Milan
Analog Recurring 2013, Lo & Behold Gallery, curated by Bea Haut, London
Young at art 2013, Maca Museum Cosenza, curated by Massimo Garofalo and Andrea Rodi, Italy
Journey to the Center of my mind exhibition, BunkHouse, Madrid curated by Gala Knorr
Fama Gallery, Eva's Daughter curated by Andrea Bruciati, Verona
2012 Red Mansion Art Prize 2012, Royal Academy of Art, curated by Eliza Bonham Carter e The Red Mansion Foundation
2011, Italian Platform for Chinese contemporary art, Beijing, curated by Cecilia Freschini
Cross Over, Nova award finalist best work produced for Master in Fine Art Central saint martin 2011 Lethaby Gallery, curated by Lisa painting, London
Women at work, Placentia art gallery, curated by Lino Baldini, Piacenza
MAFA Final Show, Central Saint Martin College of art & design, London
Life is elsewhere, Crypt gallery, Curated by Oliver Guy Watkings, London


2013 PresTech film laboratories, 35mm 16mm film restoration, grading, TK, printing, processing
2012 16 mm film specialist at Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design Film and video department


Giusy Pirrotta is an Italian born artists who lives and works between London and Milan. Her work focuses on the study and the manipulation of moving image and its representation codes. A particular aspect of her research is related to the analysis of the ephemeral aspect of light and perception in relation to sculpture and architecture intended as exhibition context.

She has a visual background related to painting, sculpture and photography, acquired during her studies at the Academy of Fine art of Florence where she attended her BA in fine art in 2006 and a postgraduate qualification in Art & Design teaching in 2008. Later, she started focusing her practice on the study of moving image in relation to film, video and sculpture deciding to move to Milan and then London, where in 2010 she attended a Master in Fine art at Central Saint Martin College of Art and Design. During her MA program she won the Red Mansion Art prize, an art residency program in Beijing promoted by Red mansion Foundation, with final show at Royal Academy of Art representing Central Saint Martin College of Art and design. During that time she started working with different means of production finalized to the manipulation of different equipment for the projection of light and moving images, using film, slides, and experimenting with different light sources. Through this she started focusing on the study of light in relation to architecture and sculpture. The post master period was structured through internships and artist in residence programs which allow her to keep working with specific equipment. First, Central Saint Martin film and Video department Intern and Residency Program where she specialized herself with the use of printing and developing techniques on 16mm film within the production of different works like vanishing Point Film. After, Prestech Film Laboratories where she developed her interest in the preservation and restoration of Film, within also specific training in digitalization and colour grading. At the moment she is PHD researcher at UCA, University for the creative Arts in Farnham, with a practice led program which focuses on the study of moving image and its relationship with architecture intended as a display context between Museum, Gallery and Cinema. Her project analysis also the sculptural quality of light in relation to perception phenomena and work fruition. Her research is developing through a realization of a body of works which examine the sculptural quality of moving image in relation to the exhibition space, with a parallel investigation on curatorial strategies finalized to the display of time based installation works. Her study is focusing on how the relationship between the mixture of different creative languages and novel display solutions is creating a hybrid system of moving image production in contemporary art.