Giusy Pirrotta


5'55" 2013 16mm on HD, colour, sound
music Tasos Stamou
starring Angela Christofilou and Margaux Billard.

The film plays on the ambiguity between reality and fiction in terms of what can be perceived and subverted through the camera mechanisms and the use of the elements part of the film studio.

Elements belonging to the space of film production such as the film studio itself, the green screen, curtains, lights and actors, are shown in order to create a space that emphasises the qualities of the cinematic elements and contribute to the making of a surreal space which is part of the cinematic fiction.

In this dimension elements shot outside, in the wood, are brought inside the story through mediated sources (the monitor or the book), together with the action of zooming in and out, my aim is to show the visual restriction defined by the frame itself and the visual restriction defined in real life by our frame of vision.