Giusy Pirrotta


Video, 13'40'', colour, sound, 2010

“Secrets” is an ongoing video-archive which collects the trip documentation of places that can be reached only by sea.
The first collection depicts a group of islands situated on the north east of the Sicily coast the Eolian Island: Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Lipari and Vulcano.
The video shows the journey I took while approaching Alicudi’s coast. I decided to show the real time of the travel by using a long take which opens from a wide shot of the island surrounded by the sea and closes to the close-up of the harbor.

The island appears as as a still point, the slow movements of the vessel are almost imperceptible. The landscape becomes a psycho-physical element, which is depicted through the subjective interpretation of a place which evolves into an interior site of the mind.
Time and Space lose their basic chronological/dimensional rules due to the suspended atmosphere of this image that seems still but it is in movement.
Time is spilt and merged between past and future. Here, frame and mobility dominates narratives and plot in an isochronal representation.
My aim is to deconstruct representation codes with a structural manipulation which subverts narrative tale through technical experimentation.