Giusy Pirrotta

A Disruption in Linear Thinking

Slide projector show with synchronised sound 20'59'', loop, size variable, telex slide viewer projector and Noris slide projector, 2011
Installation view at Crypt Gallery London and at Lethaby Gallery London

The installation features a dual slide projection show of looping images affected by two still light beams coming from another two slide projectors. The focus of the work is the relationship between the evanescent aspect related to images projected and the transient aspect of life, throughout a selection of 160 still frames from 7 films whose theme is strictly connected with human being's existential crisis and the transitory aspect of life. The selection was made in order to recreate a new story where even the soundtracks of each film were edited and synchronized with the images in loop. The slide show comprises two projections of light coming from other equipment, which has different consistence and shape, this light affects the fruition of the image itself as well as the viewer experience, pointing on the impermanent and momentary aspect of the moving image projected and its strict relation to the equipment used.

Film used:
Taste of cherry (1997) Abbas Kiarostamy; 21 grams (2003) Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; Interiors (1978) Woody Allen;
Le Diable Probablement(1977) Robert Bresson Mishima: Life in four chapters (1985)Paul Schrader; Virgin suicides (1999) Sofia Coppola; Nostalgia (1983) Andrei Tarkovsky.