Giusy Pirrotta

Crystal ship

2 channel video, 4:3, DVD pal sd, colour, sound,24'45'', 2010 two projection on black with wood screens, surface size variable.

This project focuses on the double aspect of the ship as a visual object whose shape is depicted in relation to light, the brightness and the clearness of the ship in full sail and the obscure the darkness of the bottom of the vessel as a shipwreck.
The landscape is a psychological element related to my personal memories, In fact the film was shot on the Channel which divides Italy from Sicily, the place where I used to live until my teen years. The video shows my trip in order to pass across the channel and the voyage of vessels in full sail, in comparison with shipwreck footages sunken there.
The images of ships crossing the channel were taken by a particular point of view related to my life in that place, such as my home, the harbor, my parent's home. Furthermore, I collected some documentaries from four scuba-driver companies who are currently living and working along the coast. The original footage shows seabed exploration and shipwrecks discovered on the channel seabed.