Giusy Pirrotta


Glazed ceramic, luster enamel glaze, RGB rotating LED light bulb, metal stand, 2015

Lusterware is a generic term to define objects made in ceramic or porcelain that are refined by a reflecting, metallic or iridescent surface. The process to create this effect involves the use of particular glazes which are obtained by mixing metallic oxides and by different firing processes.
This work studies the lamp as an object in between art and design and follows the development of my research in the study of the optical and colours perception phenomena connected to light.
In this case the surface of each object is partially perforated so that the light emitted by the RGB rotating light bulb, which are installed inside each piece, can be perceived from the outside producing different effect on the sculpture surface. The light effects produced on the surface of the object change in relation to the black and white glaze and the property of these non-colours in relation to light and its perception.