Giusy Pirrotta

Reversed light

Slides, light box, slide projector.
Installation view at Central saint Martin College of Art and Design.
Installation view at FAMA Gallery Verona

Reversed Light investigates the slide projector in its shape and functions by subverting its original use, and playing with the expectation of the viewer in front of a projector in the exhibition space.
In this work the projector is made and displayed not to project images to the wall, but to be looked in its inside. The viewer in fact needs to have a close look inside the lens itself to experience the images.
Three medium format slides are placed behind the lens, but their thickness block the light to be projected on the wall, so the viewer perceives the light coming from the machine, but cant see any image. Only if he/she comes closer to the machine, looking inside the lens, can see a three-dimensional miniature image that flashes while the viewer's gaze moves.
I designed an octagonal carousel that is applied between the lens and the main body of the machine. The viewer can move the carousel manually to see the 8 different groups of 3 overlapped slides.
The found slides depict the journey of a couple of english tourists travelling around Italy.
The light box is also made with medium format glass slides. In this case there are 3 layers of images overlapped, this creates a surreal landscape view. In this case the slide becomes and object that shapes a sculptural optical box and not a projection.