Giusy Pirrotta

The Quality of "Scale"

Exhibition view at Muratcentoventidue Gallery
Steel trunk of pyramids, magnifying lens, 35mm and medium format slides. 16mm colour film, 5'45'' transferred on DVD, no sound, loop, back projection on glass. Slide show 80 slides, loop, video projection 4'45'' colour, loop
Moving image

The quality of Scale explores the relationship between the notion of public/intimacy and monument/object especially referring to the quality of sculpture and its relationship with the exhibition space, the viewer and the experince of light.

"The quality of intimacy is attached to an object in a fairly direct proportion as its size diminished in relation to oneself. The quality of publicness is attached in proportion as the size increases in relation to oneself" ( Robert Morris , Continuous Project Altered Daily, The Writings of Robet Morris, in Note on Sculpture Part 2, p.13, October Book, the MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995)