Giusy Pirrotta


16mm b&w film, loop no sound, 6'45''
projection part of the installation Enlighten.

The focus of this work is the study of light which is figuratively depicted either inside and outside the screen through the representation of a spotlight. Light is shown as an abstract component in its consistence and ephemerality through the ambiguity between what was made during the shooting and what was made on the filmstrip, and through the film printer, while processing the film in postproduction stage.

The film was developed and printed by hand through DIY methods.
A spotlight was created manually on the filmstrips, frame by frame, to contribute to the illusion of light flashing continuously in the landscape, followed by the main character, who is trying to catch it, running toward it.

To obtain the illusion of a circular cut of landscape, I applied a customised mask on the 16mm printer gate because I wanted to create an effect similar to a spotlight enlightening the landscape.

This short film is an experiment that aims to show light as an abstract component in the paradox of its consistency and ephemerality through the use of film and the interventions on the filmstrip.