Giusy Pirrotta


16mm b&w film, loop no sound, 6'45'' moving image
spot 1, video, no sound, loop, 0'30''
spot 2, video, no sound, loop, 1'45''
spot 3, video, no sound, loop, 7'50''
80 slides, loop, no sound
led light
Installation view at Central Saint Martin College of Art & Design 2011

The focus of the work is the study of light in and outside the screen, in terms of light shot and emitted between production and postproduction. Therefore, moving images projected and light created and modified with structural intervention and through equipment used. Every projection reproduces a spot light which interacts with the main character in different way. Light is shown as an abstract component in its ephemerality and in the ambiguity between what was shot and what is made with other equipment and in postproduction.
Moreover, the interaction of diverse light sources placed in the exhibition amplify the ambiguity between what is projected and the source of its projection.