Giusy Pirrotta

My practice comprises the use of different media such as film video, ceramic, photography and print on fabric finalised to the making of environments which focus on the study of light and the multidisciplinary use of moving image along with sculptural elements and different light sources. The observation of the space of moving image between the cinema and the gallery, the use of light as a material and the re-interpretation of the ‘grammar’ related to the projection process, contribute to encompass the focus related to the use of a specific medium or language, broadening the work to infinite solutions offered by the interaction between art, design and architecture

My research is strictly related to the analysis of the nature of moving image and its ephemeral status as light projected in relation to optical perception mechanisms and different display contexts. I focus my interest on the consistency of light and its sculptural quality against the paradox of its ephemerality. This relationship is determined by its interaction with architectural space as well as its dependency on the equipment used from production to fruition.

My inquiry examines the limit of the frame and how light can interfere between the representational frame, within which images are contained, and our frame of vision. How can the act of perceiving constitute the work exhibited? Is light a medium able to break the frame of visual perception?
My intent is to shape light in order to create a tactile experience of an evanescent phenomenon through the interaction of the projected image/light with sculpture and architectural space. My interventions aim to question the condition of seeing, pointing out the ambiguity between the architecture of moving image, the relationship with the physical installation space and the viewer experience.